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Hey, faggots! Good news. I set up my Amazon wish list and you can send tributes that way. to find my list and send me generous amounts of gift cards. What the fuck are you waiting for? You want to continue the abuse and torment, then pony up. If you’re new and never sent a tribute, then what the fuck are you waiting for? You can afford $20 to show your appreciation, fuckers!

hi sir.i am a chronic bator cum denial from France. 41/178/61 .

once get a mastor from bateworld he ordered me to jerk 6h/day during 3 months without cumming (phone sex. webcam. sype; cam4.. anywhere ) . with daily repot. (he get my loggins on chat. cam.. internet) so he was able to follow my activty.

i am alos risky exhib orders poppers an more

I hope to interest u  regards

Yeah, fag, sounds interesting. What would interest me more is if you sent pix, all the logins, and accompanied your appreciation and need with a tribute. All tributes accepted via Amazon gift card now. Send to

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