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pet578 asked:

Do you ever take real mean that are with you and force them to serve as your fag if you don't have one available?

If they are real men then don’t serve as fags. They can’t serve as fags. It’s not in a real man’s nature. If he’s only pretending to be a real man than his inner fag will come out and I’m more than happy to bend them over and bring it out of them.


Anonymous asked:

Hello Sir, what positions and pics really get your attention in a submission?

The kind where you humiliate and degrade yourself for my fucking amusement. I like to let a fag do what comes natural and see how far they go and work on pushing that later. So show me what you got, fag. Then I’ll make you better.


Anonymous asked:

hello Sir can I be your fag?

You can if you can be a good little fag and do what you’re told. Send an email with photos and a tribute of an Amazon gift card to my email - If you want to be my faggot then show me how badly you want it and lets see if I want to waste my time with a pathetic fag like you. 


Hey, faggots! Good news. I set up my Amazon wish list and you can send tributes that way. to find my list and send me generous amounts of gift cards. What the fuck are you waiting for? You want to continue the abuse and torment, then pony up. If you’re new and never sent a tribute, then what the fuck are you waiting for? You can afford $20 to show your appreciation, fuckers!

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